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Paint Smart Solutions is a collaboration between two Estonian mates, who have chosen this sprawling, seaside town to settle and start something - Perth just feels like home. 


We have both always gained great satisfaction from taking raw materials, and transforming them into something functional and beautiful.


With years of experience under our belts, we set out to provide a service that our customers can trust. 


We began the company on a strong foundation of shared values - we want to create work that we can take pride in; solid preparation and a keen eye for detail mean that the work we do will hold fast for many years to come. While we do have many years of experience under our belts, we endeavour to grow and adapt, using cutting edge products and equipment - do it once, and do it right. 


It is important to us to maintain ecological sustainability, by choosing our products carefully, buying locally, maximising re-use, and disposing of by-products thoughtfully. We calculate our paint needs carefully, to ensure we are mixing to order with minimal waste. 


As our company grows, the most important thing to us is keeping those values that brought us together in the first place - work hard to create something that lasts.

ABN 78857255856

Reg #PC101217

Fully insured

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